I am Valeria, an antistress therapist based in Shanghai

Inducing parasympathetic bliss with my Grande gong at the clinic’s 5th annual meditation marathon in Shanghai

My practice blends the best of East and West, and focuses on antistress techniques and burnout repair.

Through custom lifestyle programs, group sessions and corporate offerings, my goal is to help you let go of chronic urban stress. Exhale. Soften. Repair.

I a trained TCM doctor with Shanghai University of TCM, Nutrition Therapist with NTI, co-active coach with CTI, Reiki Master with ShivEnergetics and bioenergetic kinesiology practitioner with Kinesiology Asia.

I speak English, Russian and Chinese and work with clients from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, united by their desire to achieve vibrant health.

Weekly group gong sound baths in the heart of Shanghai. I play therapeutic gongs in a cozy, intimate space for ultimate relaxation of body and mind for small groups and individual and corporate clients. No phones, no pictures, sound cocoon for pure bliss.

Energy transfer therapy in tradition of Usui Reiki to unblock the chakras, balance and nourish electromagnetic field.

Bioenergetic kinesiology to uncover and release suppressed emotions and patterns from body and mind.

Available in-person and over distance to support deepest healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Absolute privacy and confidentiality and utmost respect to personal boundaries.

I have graduated from Nutrition Therapy Institute as a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. In my own life, food has been a tremendous source of healing and pleasure, and I want to make sure people on the healing journeys get both flavour and nutrients on the way to their health. My approach is Paleo-adjacent and focuses on balancing blood sugar and immune response through diet and lifestyle.

Single 1:1 session

850 Chinese Yuan

Perfect for those not familiar with Reiki or gong therapy, or those who are looking for a quick tune-up with a 60 minute session

Package of 6 sessions

4800 Chinese Yuan

Valid for 3 months and can be used for custom antistress program, 1:1 nutrition therapy consults, Reiki and gong sound baths, shared between family and friends

Package of 12 sessions

9000 Chinese Yuan

Valid for 6 months, can be used for custom antistress program, 1:1 nutrition consults, Reiki and gong sound baths, shared between family and friends

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