Gong stories: Sophie

Last week I shared Sarah’s gong story, which resonated with many people who are busy living life in Shanghai and other fast-paced giant cities. Reclaiming time to rest is an issue faced by many people. Just today we were on one of many messengers that connect people, and Sarah, who now lives thousands of miles away from Shanghai in another bustling urban area, was recalling her final gong session in 2018 which allowed her to access her inner wisdom and brought some important messages that are now playing out in her life. But she already knew and was prepared for it as she was able to join the gong to quiet busy mind and listen.

Sarah was coming regularly for a long time, making gong baths part of her self-care habits, but what about people who cannot dedicate so many regular hours? Even one or two sessions can make a difference, as it did for Sophie.

“My first experience with Gong Bath Meditation was more than surprising for me as I actually wasn’t going for the meditation but to listen to the sound with an artistic interest. Indeed, as an artist choreographer who works with the body and minimal sounds, such as drones and different type of vibrations created by sound, I came to the Gong Bath to discover and potentially find another source of inspiration for my own work.

However, not a firm believer of meditation in general, out of respect I’ve let myself immersed in the rituals of the session. Started with some relaxation exercises, drank herbal tea, and laid down on my back. The Gong started and I remember that I could feel the vibrations passing from the floor to my body/skin and from my ears to the inside of my body. I was immediately amazed by this feeling and little by little I started to let go, focused on my breathing, emptied my thoughts and opened myself to the space surrounding me.

Then the unexpected happened, at a certain point, a hit on the Gong might have been stronger or I don’t know really exactly what but I felt like an explosion in my guts and my chest. Similar of when a balloon filled with water explodes. Once the session ended, I cried a lot, not because I was sad, just because it needed to go out and anyway I couldn’t control it. Then I spent my usual week, back to my routine of work and such, so light, open and greeting the positivity of the surrounding environment. 

I keep from this session an extraordinary experience and believing then in the power of sound for meditation and its benefits, whether on a mental level or physical level, as after this session my back aches relieved as well.


I messaged Sophie as we were going through details of the post, and she wrote: “Even a year later I am still wondering what happened, search for logical explanations where there are probably none. But I’m forever grateful for what I felt”.

Whether a seasoned relaxation practitioner or a novice in the art of parasympathetic bliss, gong delivers what is necessary for each particular person in the moment. The interplay between what gongs give and what nervous system and body wisdom are ready to take will always be fascinating to me, as people in the same session can have such different experiences. Read more about gong bathsaftercareFAQs, and other personal gong stories, and catch my sessions in Shanghai!

With gongs and magic,


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Chaser of parasympathetic bliss and most decadent meals. Certified nutrition therapist. Co-active coach. Gong Master trained by Don Conreaux. Reiki Master and acupuncturist-in-the-making. Based in Shanghai, China, working with clients all over the world.

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