Gong stories: Andrew

I have published Sarah’s and Sophie’s gong stories, and today I want to share Andrew’s experience. Andrew was a regular at gong sessions for 6 months while he lived in Shanghai, and I know he was actively looking to continue gong baths in new country he moved to.

Here is what he has to say about his gong experiences: “I liked doing gong baths because it was just 45 minutes a week where I got to reset. Something I always noticed after a gong bath was that the filters on my senses were dropped. There’s too much stimuli in everyday life to pay attention to it all, but blocking all that out can make me somewhat too focused. After a gong bath I had more awareness to my surroundings and also sense of self. But also each gong bath was an experience in and of itself. Over time I was able to go a little deeper during the session, not each session, sometimes I went “backwards” but on the whole forwards. But, essentially, I just felt like a gong bath was a reset. I came out relaxed, happier and more open.” 

As someone who have seen over 2000 people through gong experience in the past 5 years of my gong offering, I can tell you that familiar presence adds extra tones to the sound vortex. “We have done this before and we are ready to go deeper this time” as if a silent agreement. It is especially heartwarming to see men leading other men through the doorway, as wellness had often been considered a female domain. Andrew was invited to join gong a gong bath by a male friend, and he stayed on, and his quiet solidness always grounded the room and took the group a little deeper. 

Socially, boys and men are still often conditioned to hold emotions in and keep pushing through pain, tough times and emotional turmoil without as much as stopping to inhale. Adding another layer, Shanghai is a city of wild energy that can take a toll on every nervous system, even the most resilient one, if not allowed to recuperate regularly. I am really happy to see this “keep pushing!” attitude to be replaced with adequate, balanced rest, and for men to be as open, curious and willing to explore self-care and relaxation as women.  

My sessions are always a safe space to go inward. There are no pictures, no forced group discussions, no need to talk if you don’t want to. The gong will never take you beyond what you can handle – be it a regression, meditation, emotional release or a catnap, your nervous system will always collaborate with sound to give you what you need.  Read about gong bathsaftercare and other gong experiences, and book a private or group gong session with me in Shanghai to go on your own gong journey. 

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Chaser of parasympathetic bliss and most decadent meals. Certified nutrition therapist. Co-active coach. Gong Master trained by Don Conreaux. Reiki Master and acupuncturist-in-the-making. Based in Shanghai, China, working with clients all over the world.

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